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Pilates for dancers

I have been teaching the Pilates method for the last 15 years for dancers and non-dancers from the age of 10 to 90 years old. Certified by Alan Herdman Pilates for matwork and with apparatus.

 My method within the method is to give each exercise a direct link to technical aspects, positions and movements within dance permitting the dancer to feel and train the body with great precision and acute attention to sensation. Thus allowing a deeper comprehension of his/her instrument, its tendancies, strengths and weaknesses. The training is personal and progressive allowing each unique dancer to progress at their own pace.


Pilates and Injury


The body is a complex machine that works as a whole and the reasons for an injury can be multiple. Often injuries are treated in complete isolation from the rest of the body. 

In my experience it is essential to look at the body in its entirety, to look at the moving body and to address all aspects that may have contributed to the arrival of the injury such as technical mistakes, muscle imbalance, weakness, lack or excess of flexibility , fatigue and diet. In this way we understand better why the injury has occurred and it becomes a gateway for the dancer to a better knowledge which in turn becomes an opportunity to correct technique and return to the activity stronger and wiser. 


 With this approach:

- Recurrent injuries are greatly reduced.

- Returning to activity after time off but with better knowledge of one's instrument encourages self  confidence.

- Provides the possibility to maintain a level of overall body tone during the  recovery period of an  injury.

- With the possibility to train during the recovery period of an injury the dancer is less likely to feel  morally low and returns to the activity better  prepared physically and mentally.


Private class          45€ 

Trio (3 people)      25€ per person, per class


-20% for intermittent du spectacle/freelance dancers and under 21 yrs old       

All classes last 55mins and are accessible by appointment only. You may contact me by mail or phone for further information or to book your class.

For non-dancers

Private class 55€

Trio (3 people)     25€ per person per class

Please contact me by mail or phone for further information, to book your class and for Home classes/cours au domicile.

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